Reflexology Facials: What To Know

Reflexology massages go back centuries, the underlying concept of the treatment is that there exist pressure points in certain points of the body that can be targeted, with pressure, to channel healing to other areas and organs. Typically these massages are practiced on the hands and feet, but in more recent time the same strategy has been brought to facials, more specifically, reflexology facials, or facial reflexology, as can be provided by your Mokena and Frankfort, IL, massage professionals of Personal Spa & Massage Center.

Reflexology Benefits

Although the treatment is based on ancient traditions that have expanded across time and cultures, modern facial reflexology is typically focused on helping you improve your appearance and providing much-needed relaxation.

The gentle face massage can improve the texture of your skin and work out the face muscles underneath, often reducing the appearance of age lines and other imperfections.

Just as with other types of massage facial reflexology can lower your stress and anxiety and can thus offer many other related benefits such as better sleep habits, which themselves translate into better overall health.

Reflexology Facials in Mokena and Frankfort, IL

The idea behind reflexology facials is that there are areas of your face that are intrinsically linked to other parts of the body and different organs, and that these can be triggered by applying gentle pressure. So beyond the benefits mentioned above, many have claimed success in dealing with chronic pain and other chronic health conditions by undergoing reflexology facials or reflexology massages in the hands and feet. It is suggested these can also accelerate healing, improve blood flow, and help with migraines and headaches, among many other benefits. To learn much more and to discuss what you can expect during and after treatment, you can come into the office to explore all the types of facials and massages offered.

If you are interested in the benefits of reflexology facials in Mokena and Frankfort, IL, you can schedule an appointment with Personal Spa & Massage Center by dialing (708) 478-3000.

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